Jesse Saperstein

Keeping it kind.

Jesse started a campaign called “Lessons In Compassion” to combat bullying in schools. He produced a video of his kick-off assembly and created five videos with follow-up activities called “minutes for compassion” for teachers.

Jesse’s Anti-bullying materials

  • Minutes for Compassion

    Each PDF includes a link to a video, with a follow-up activity and discussion questions

  • Lesson 1: The Bystander

    Jesse discusses how bystanders may not actually bully, and how some bystanders do not stand up for people who are bullied because they do not want to become victims themselves. (PDF 297KB)

  • Lesson 2: Crossing Over to the Dark Side

    Jesse shares a story of when he bullied a friend of his to avoid being bullied himself and how he now feels about this choice today. (PDF 119KB)

  • Lesson 3: Cyber Bullying

    Jesse addresses the issue of online bullying, and reflects on his own response to being the victim of cyber-bullying. (PDF 206KB)

  • Lesson 4: Blaming the Victim

    Jesse talks about bullies who choose their victims based on harmless things that make them stand out as “different,” often stemming from wanting to avoid unwanted attention from others. (PDF 121KB)

  • Lesson 5: Redemption

    Jesse speaks directly to bullies, acknowledging that it is not about villainizing them. He gives reasons for why some students turn to bullying and challenges them to “break the chain” and make amends. (PDF 121KB)

  • video

    Lessons in Compassion Assembly Video

    Jesse kicks off his message of “Lessons in Compassion” to sixth grade students at IS 278 in Marine Park, Brooklyn. He discusses his experience having Asperger Syndrome and empowers students to take a stand against bullying. (12:23 MIN)


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