Stephen Shore

Keeping it Strong.

Stephen shared his belief that a student’s strengths and interests are integral to the school experience. He charges teachers to find creative ways to recognize and incorporate these passions.

Stephen’s Strengths & interests materials

  • Using Strengths & Interests

    A brief PowerPoint that shares Stephen’s experience as a student on the spectrum and ways to identify and incorporate strengths, interests, and talents. (PowerPoint 9.7MB)

  • FAQ: Incorporating Special Interests

    Stephen responds to frequently asked questions about how to best use students’ strengths and interests. (PDF 121KB)

  • personal experiences with strengths & interests

    Each PDF includes a link to an introductory video, with follow-up discussion questions

  • The Power of Strengths and Interests

    (PDF 85KB)

  • A Strength-Based Perspective

    (PDF 85KB)

  • Zosia Zaks on Thinking Outside the Box: Creative Use of Strengths & Interests

    (PDF 83KB)

  • CONNECT WITH stephen

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